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Our Apologies, David Vandervelde! (Artist Spotlight)

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Our apologies indeed, Mr. Vandervelde!!! BBS completely forgot to mention that David Vandervelde will be the opening act at July 1st’s Black Mountain show at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall.

Over the past few years, Vandervelde has earned our complete respect and admiration…we’re BIG fans. For those who are unfamiliar with his slim but sick body of work, let’s begin with 2007’s “The Moonstation House Band” (Secretly Canadian) – this was David’s official indie label debut and also gainfully points to his creative bond with producer and late ex-Wilco member, Jay Bennett. Around the time that “Moonstation” was released, I had been revisiting my love for T.Rex/Marc Bolan and while I hate to put an obviously redundant bad taste into Vandervelde’s mouth, his debut evokes Bolan’s songwriting and voice like no other. In fact, last year I was blaring a playlist in my car where Bolan’s “Cosmic Dancer” was followed by Vandervelde’s incredible “Jacket” and my buddy barked out, “Dude, this wasn’t on ‘Electric Warrior’, was it?”. At 8 tracks total, “Moonstation” may not have been a husky offering from DV, but where the album lacked in song length it more than made up for in melodical, layered, beautiful arrangements and excellent producing (Hats off, Jay Bennett).

David Vandervelde “The Moonstation House Band (2007)

LISTEN: David Vandervelde – “Jacket”

Riding off the momentum and fleeting success of “Moonstation”, Vandervelde packed his bags and headed to Brooklyn to pump out his follow-up, “Waiting for the Sunrise” (Secretly Canadian). With “Sunrise”, Vandervelde seemingly backed off his T.Rex tendencies (most notably in his vocals) and instead showcased his multi-instrumentalist talents and lyrical chops, crafting 10 excellent, sprawling tracks. If you’re looking for the younger, jangly, more vulnerable sound of its predecessor, you’re arguably not going to find it on album #2, but “Sunrise” continues to powerfully shine listen after listen. Tracks like “I Will be Fine”, “Someone Like You” & “California Breezes” have a gorgeous contemporary feel, perfect for a summer drive in the country, almost nodding to an early Wilco-era sound. Tracks like “Knowledge of Evil” and “Lyin in Bed” could have been “Moonstation” b-sides, but they belong on this record.

David Vandervelde “Waiting for the Sunrise” (2008)

LISTEN: David Vandervelde – “I Will Be Fine”

I’m tempted to call the pairing of Black Mountain and David Vandervelde on tour an “interesting match”, but it makes sense with them sharing a label and both musical outfits here are clear talents on their own. We’ll have pics and a review after the holiday break, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, give “The Moonstation House Band” and “Waiting for the Sunrise” a listen over your long weekend. Both albums will serve as a perfect compliment to sunny weather, drinking by the pool, playing horseshoes, grillin’ hot dogs, or trying to ease your mind when you’re stuck in holiday traffic.

For more info on David Vandervelde and Black Mountain, check Secretly Canadian’s website HERE – they’ve definitely got a good thing goin’ on…


Black Mountain Slides Into Chicago This Thursday 07/01/10!

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Bang Bang Slang has been flexing its “rock n roll horns” in anticipation of Black Mountain’s tour stop this Thursday at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall! It’s been literally years since I’ve had a chance to catch Black Mountain in a live music setting – the last time was at Cleveland’s ‘legendary’ Grog Shop on Coventry. This must’ve been in the summer of 2005 or 2006, when the band was bouncing all over North America in support of their much hyped self-titled debut. It’s funny – back when I actually still bought cd’s, I had asked a guy at Best Buy if he had their album in stock and he responded, “You were the second person to ask me today. We’re all sold out, man”. And this was in Cleveland. Weird, right? Oh, cds. Back to business, if you haven’t had the opportunity to see the Black Mountain Army live and you’re a fan or you’ve never heard of ’em and you’re thinking about going – my advice is to grab tix, prepare for some psychadelic metal headbanging, and bring an apetite for cheap beer (Busch Light tallboys go down smooth with Canadian blues-metal). Just anticipate a sore neck on your way into work on Friday.

We’re excited to hear material off of their 2008 sophomore release “In the Future” (Jagjaguar) and with a September 2010 release date for their much anticipated follow-up, “Wilderness Heart” (Jagjaguwar), I’m sure we’ll be blasted with a few new jams too. Then of course there’s Amber Webber’s Joplin-esque, hauntingly hypnotic vocals. Can’t forget about those.

Anyone headed to this one? If you are – leave a comment and BBS will buy you 1 Busch Light tallboy on us. Not kidding.

In the meantime, here’s a glimpse into the Black Mountain discography. Take a sonic swim in Black Mountain’s narcotic-induced jacuzzi and hopefully we’ll see you at the show!

(Oh yeah, “Wilderness Heart” – can we say Album Art winner of 2010?!)

Black Mountain “Wilderness Heart” (09/14/10)

LISTEN: Black Mountain – “Druganaut” from Black Mountain

LISTEN: Black Mountain – “Tyrants” from ‘In the Future’

If you can’t make it to the Chicago performance on Thursday, you have a few more chances to catch them in the States this summer, when they’re not shredding through Europe:

07/02/10: Detroit, MI – Magic Stick w/ David Vandervelde
07/24/10: Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroomw/ Quest for Fire
07/26/10: Des Moines, IA – Vaudeville Mewsw/ Mondo Drag
07/27/10: Omaha, NE – The Waiting Roomw/ The Dodos
07/28/10: Denver, CO – The Bluebird Theaterw/ Spindrift
07/30/10: Salt Lake City, UT – Urban Loungew/ Spindrift
07/31/10: Boise, ID – Neuroluxw/ Spindrift
08/26/10: Los Angeles, CA – Bootleg Theaterw/ Lower Heaven
08/30/10: Brooklyn, NY – Knitting Factoryw/ The War on Drugs

To purchase tickets for Black Mountain’s 07/01/10 show at Lincoln Hall, click HERE

See you at the show!

Last Night’s Show: David Bazan @ “Green Music Festival” 06/27/10

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After nearly a 5 year hiatus from the touring game, David Bazan – former frontman of the once celebrated indie household name ‘Pedro the Lion’ – is back, having added a Sunday stop in Chicago for the Subterranean sponsored “Green City Music Fest” in Ukraine Village. Bazan took the stage prematurely, extending his set by at least 15 minutes, and with his trademark hypnotic, lulling vocals, he and his bandmates jammed through material from 2009’s acclaimed “Curse Your Branches” (Barsuk) and cuts from the Pedro the Lion discography, appeasing the sunbaked festival goers  who were clad in vintage summer dresses, big sunglasses, and fedoras.

Subterranean’s “Green Music Fest” deserved much more hype and publicity than what it had attracted for 2010. This was one of my favorites, so far. The restaurants, bars, and clubs (Butterfly, Five Star, Beauty Bar) that lined the blocked off portion of road serving as the festival grounds really helped to capture that authentic ‘summer community’ vibe that so many other street fairs in Chicago aim for, but ultimately fail to claim. Sure I encountered some meth heads with brown teeth pounding brown bags of booze and some white trash screaming-matches in the alleyways, but above all – there were so many attractive people there, those sleazy moments were overshadowed by the Zooey Deschanel clones who sipped Bud Heavys out of neon straws. Solid band lineup (David Bazan, The Wailers, Cloud Cult, Fang Island, Maps & Atlases) and a full DJ and Electronica dance area on the opposite end of the grounds. Food and vendors were well selected.  Environmentally conscious vendors & green initiative support. And New Belgium Brewery sponsored the thing, so all the Fat Tire that your wallet could afford. Check out the now irrelevant website for the Green City Music Festival HERE and definitely don’t miss this one next year! Way to go Subterranean!!!

My brief trip to the “Green City Music Fest” – I only had time to stick around for Bazan’s set – provided a perfect summer setting and ending to a relaxing Sunday. On my ride back into the city, I started thinking about how many times I had listened to Pedro The Lion’s “Control” and “Achilles Heel” in college and I started to really feel grateful for the fact that I was able to catch an indie icon like Bazan at a point in his career like this one. “Hard to Be” off Bazan’s debut solo album still remains one of my favorite singles of 2009 and hearing it live granted me another musical full orbit with an artist I admire – I can check this one off the list.

Bazan and his band only have 2 tour dates on their schedule for the remainder of 2010 (Seattle & Portland), but my suggestion is to keep checking his website for updates and tour announcements – mysteriously, there’s a date scheduled at Lincoln Hall’s website for a September 16th tour stop with supporting act, The Mynabirds. Tickets on sale this Friday 07/02/10 at NOON!

In the meantime, hit play below and listen to the best track on his excellent debut effort, ‘Curse Your Branches’ and an oldie but goodie from Pedro the Lion.

LISTEN: David Bazan – “Hard to Be”

LISTEN: Pedro the Lion – “Rapture”

If you’re on the fence about doing the September 16th Bazan show at Lincoln Hall, consider the opening band, The Mynabirds, sweet icing on the cake. The Mynabirds recently stopped by Chicago’s Do-Division Fest in support of their ridiculously long album titled debut on Saddle Creek (Where have you been Saddle Creek?!), “What We Lose in the Fire We Gain in the Flood”. I think here with this project, we’re finally seeing Laura Burhenn hit her musical strongpoint since ditching the Georgie James outfit she played around with in ’07. Try this soulful, mellow number by The Mynabirds and then give their full length a listen when you can:

LISTEN: The Mynabirds – “Give it Time”

It’s sure to be a pleasantly melodic, soulful September evening. A wipe your heartache on your sleeve and tip back the wine glass sorta time. BBS will surely be there to report…

Last Night’s Show: WEEN @ Aragon Ballroom 06/25/10 with SETLIST

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My ears have stopped ringing. The hangover has leaked its way out of my system. And Ween has left Chicago. Now let’s push through the fuzzyness and booze fueled whirlwind that was Deaner and Gener’s Windy City return performance.

Ween’s tour stop at the Aragon cemented two main points into my running bible of concert-going principles. The first being, Ween is and always will remain one of the most enjoyable bands to see live. Even after 2 decades of hard living, touring, and artistic ups and downs, no other duo (Claude, Dave & Glen included) can inspire and set off a room of thousands into sheer party madness overdrive. (My clothes smelled like a Duke Lacrosse party the following morning) The second point – unfortunately – is, ‘I hate the Aragon Ballroom’. Between the aesthetic awesomeness of its psychedelic space mural on the ceiling, to its middle-eastern inspired columns and turrets, to fantastic bathroom and bar accessibility – The Aragon has all the right elements going for it, but it’s missing one critical component, robbing them of potential greatness. The acoustics just suck there. Period. Bass and drums hit great off the walls, but guitar reverb – especially for a Guitar God like Deaner – and even vocals – especially for a demented troubadour like Gener – bounce all over the place and can cause even the most seasoned musical talents to fall to its central weakness.

Before moving any further, I have to apologize to you – our new fans and followers – for missing the first few songs of the concert. I realize I had been promoting a live tweet-athon that would cover the entire set for the show, but after having issues with printing out my ticketmaster tickets and encountering an entrance line of literally hundreds that stretched around the Aragon complex, snaking into a neighboring hobo commune in the lot adjacent to the venue, it was a battle for me to make it in on time. I’m sorry!

Racing through the entrance hall and up the massive stairway that led to the main standing area of the ballroom, I finally emerged to a sea of Ween-heads pumping fists in unison to an extra sizzling ‘Buckingham Green’ – Deaner had just unleashed the fury and the solo was righteous. I had that familiar rush of Ween adrenaline, a song I’ve heard hundreds of time being slayed to pieces, bringing the musicality to a level where it makes you think you’re hearing it for the first time again. I enjoyed ‘Buckingham’ from the sidelines of the ballroom, singing along with my ‘boognish’ brethren in the beer line. As soon as the song ended I anxiously turned to the dude in front of me an said, ‘What did I miss, man?!’. Within 20 minutes I had managed to flop on hearing ‘Transdermal Celebration’, ‘With My Own Bare Hands’, ‘Take Me Away’, ‘She Wanted to Leave’, ‘Learnin to Love’ and possibly others. Sidenote: Between the official Ween Forum and, I haven’t been able to find an accurate setlist and I’m still furiously left in the dark here.

But back to the show, next the droney riffs of ‘Did You See Me?’ ripped through the speakers and the proceeding 2.5 hours went spinning by at a peculiar pace, even for a Ween concert. Don’t get me wrong, it’s Ween – their enormous song catalog is a genius cascading shitstorm that transcends nearly every genre, element or music background that you can think of, but for this very reason it can also make it tough for every Ween set to maintain a consistent rhythm. If you’re a true Ween fan, you don’t really care either way, but sometimes you can tell if they’re not hitting their full stride. Dean and Gene are also savvy at arranging a setlist that will cater to the town they are playing, whether it’s playing stonier sets at Thomas Wolfe in Asheville or keeping it jammy and dance-funky at The Tabernacle in Atlanta. In Chicago, Ween made the right judgement to stick to their classic rock/metal/punk roots for a large chunk of the show, but they never really gelled to that awesome evenness that you wanted them to make it to. I blame this solely on the acoustics of ‘The Aragon’. It had to have been frustrating for everyone in the band and I know it was to a lot of the more coherent fans that I discussed this with as the show was going on. But more power to the boys from New Hope – they jammed through the fated flaw of concert space and gave us some great highlights and an amazing Friday party in Chicago.

So let’s focus on the good stuff now, the stuff that brought the usual “brown” to town and the setlist highlights that had me spilling my Jack & Coke on the dancefloor:

  1. Woman & Man ABORTED into Piss up a Rope! – After a pretty solid ‘Tooter’, Gene disappeared backstage to an unknowing Dean who prompted the band to begin playing the heavier Steely Dan-esque ballad “Woman & Man”. It came time for vocals and no Gener in sight. Dean shakes his head in confusion – “Shit. We have no frontman… Fine then, ‘Piss up A Rope!”. And it killed!
  2. I Don’t Want It – I always think it’s a treat when Ween brings this one out of the bag. It’s a tender, slower jam, but every building second is worth it for that culminating guitar solo. The soothing vocals over the solo, mixed with Glen’s synths are the cherry on the sundae every time.
  3. You Fucked up – Do I ever NOT want to hear this live at a Ween concert? No! It should be played every time. The fact that they chose to close the set on this classic screamo thrash tune, made me even more pleased, but that pesky reverb was almost gloriously unbearable. I said almost.
  4. Silence of the Lambs Reference – During ‘Big Jilm’ (which was a sloppily, outstandingly, raw highlight as well) Gener dropped to a deranged baritone between the chorus, belting out, “It puts the lotion in the basket!!!”. The crowd lost it.
  5. Never Squeal Drum Solo – Claude definitely got his drum solo this show on the set-ending encore song. There was some playful collaboration between Deaner and Glen, but the real band interaction was during a back and forth drum stick catch game. Calude threw his stick to Dave who then tried to pass the drumstick back into Claude’s hand, seamlessly falling back into a solo. It didn’t really work, but it was fun to watch.

When the house lights went up, I wasn’t disappointed. I had just partied with my musical heroes for 2 and a half hours and it’s always a privilege to hear them play, especially when it’s your home town. My only advice for next time: don’t book another date at ‘The Aragon’. While ‘The Aragon’ may work for bands with a less blaring guitar-centric sound, it was clear that it couldn’t handle the belligerent power of Ween and the mighty Boognish.

(Click to Enlarge Photos)


  • She Wanted to Leave
  • Transdermal Celebration
  • Take Me Away
  • Don’t Get Too Close (2 My Fantasy)
  • Bananas & Blow
  • With My Own Bare Hands
  • Learnin’ to Love
  • Buckingham Green
  • Did You See Me
  • Push Th’ Little Daisies
  • Roses Are Free
  • Zoloft
  • Gabrielle
  • Touch My Tooter
  • Woman & Man (aborted)
  • Piss Up A Rope
  • Woman & Man
  • Final Alarm (Claude Metal Jam)
  • I Don’t Want It
  • Let’s Dance (Bowie)
  • I’ll Be Your Johnny on the Spot
  • The Mollusk
  • Big Jilm
  • You Fucked Up


  • Fiesta
  • Spinal Meningitis
  • Your Party
  • Right to the Ways and the Rules of the World
  • Never Squeal

(via @bangbangslang on Twitter)

Can anyone remember the first 3-5 songs? In what order? Also – please drop your show highlights and post comments. We’d love for you to share your stories and highlights with us! * A special thanks to Libby & Mark for filling in the missing songs… and for correcting my Bowie blunder. Appreciate it!

Bang Bang Slang will be seeing Ween off on their last tour date in Central Park on Friday, September 17th at Rumsey Playfield. Tickets are still available HERE

Also, check our ‘From the Archives’ concert review of Gene Ween’s solo stop at Otto’s in Dekalb, IL HERE

LISTEN: Ween – “Tear for Eddie” LIVE 04/09/10 Asheville, NC

Thanks again, Ween! See you in September…

Ahoy, Chicago! WEEN LIVE TONIGHT!!!

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The time has come. Ween. The Aragon Ballroom. Tonight. 9:00 PM.

After months of waiting, Gene and Dean Ween are ready to party with Chicago. Last I checked, tickets were still available via JamUSA but you can always get dirty with a scalper or fellow Ween-er on the street and find your way in.

Remember, we’re TWEETING the setlist live on our twitter page and on our sidebar of the site so tell your friends!

With last night’s insanely brown setlist at the Vogue in Indianapolis – ‘Fancy Pants’, ‘The Argus’, ‘Tooter’, ‘Homo Rainbow’ – I wonder what they’re gonna bring outta the bag ‘o tricks tonight?

Any guesses?

06/24/10 WEEN LIVE @ VOGUE


…jealous. May Boognish be with you. RAGE.

Lollapalooza Afterparties Go on Sale… and SELL OUT!

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If you were like me this morning, huddled in front of your computer screen, determined, anxious, credit card in hand, waiting for the clock to strike 10:00 – then you’ve hopefully made out with some great Lolla Afterparty tickets. I actually asked my manager to postpone a morning meeting by 30 minutes just so that BBS could lock down a solid afterparty lineup and if had said ‘No’ (like any other sane manager), then I woulda been shit outta luck. It went down like this: 2 laptops open with windows preset to livenation, lincoln hall, metro, and schubas. Lots of mouse clicking and multitasking between tabs. Swearing at my internet server. More obscenities directed at Metro’s internet server (flashback to Them Crooked Vultures experience last year – though we made it in!). With The National at House of Blues selling out in literally 2 minutes and Metro’s site crashing as people fervishly snaked their way through the firewall for Black Keys tix, I still think that Bang Bang Slang is gonna get some solid coverage from our respectable ticket grabs. It was an intense 10 minutes to say the least.

Bang Bang Slang’s 2010 Lollapalooza Afterparty Schedule:

1.)Thursday, Aug. 5th: The New Pornographers w/ The Dodos @ METRO

This was a pretty easy score and tickets are suprisingly still available HERE . Excited to see A.C. and Neko and the rest of ’em in a more intimate setting and it’s been a while! (last time we saw the ‘Pornograpghers it was back in Lollapalooza 2006) For me, ‘Twin Cinema’ is The New Pornographers at their creative pinnacle – ‘Challengers’ and the newly released ‘Together’ aren’t getting many listens on my end these days, but all these talents under one roof will no doubt make for a killer time. And seeing The Dodo’s for the first time live!!! Bonus!

LISTEN: The New Pornographers “Your Hands (Together)”

The New Pornographers play Lollapalooza’s ‘Budweiser’ stage SUPER EARLY @ 4:00 on 08/06. Get out of work as fast as you can!

2.) Friday, Aug. 6th: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros w/ Freelance Whales @ LINCOLN HALL (SOLD OUT)

This is the big ticket winner for BBS, hands down. Tickets to Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zeros sold out in 20 minutes and we’re proud to be some of the lucky 400 people that will be within the walls of Lincoln Hall for their exclusive afterparty performance. Had a chance to catch these guys back in November of ’09, before their music was being used in car commercials or in the ‘Cyrus’ trailer, and I was floored. Gorgeous live translation. Jade’s voice is heavenly. Alex Ebert is a commanding Jesus of a frontman. Floor scattered with a million instruments. I wanted to jump in their Partridge Family van and drink the punch as soon as they tipped their hats and walked off stage. Can’t wait! And then there’s Freelance Whales – Brooklyn multi-instrumentalists who’ve been making waves in the scene for a little while now. BBS will be posting a “From the Archives” post featuring their ’10 performance at Lincoln Hall when they openedfor Shout Out Louds. Stay tuned and hopefully see you in August for the show!

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros play Lollapalooza’s ‘Sony Bloggie’ stage @ 6:45 on 08/07. Now that we’re going to Lincoln Hall, we can see all of Spoon’s Set on Saturday instead!

LISTEN: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – “40 Day Dream”

3.) Saturday, Aug. 7th: The Soft Pack w/ Royal Bangs @ SCHUBAS

After the whole Livenation ‘The National’ ticket disaster and Black Keys selling out, BBS was left with a few options: WAVVES at Empty Bottle, Blitzen Trapper at Lincoln Hall, or The Soft Pack at Schubas. While WAAVES and Blitzen Trapper would be the obvious picks here to anyone who knows me, we decided to go with the lesser known but still very buzzworthy ‘The Soft Pack’. What can we say – we love Schubas. And it wouldn’t be Lollapalooza if we didn’t end up there at some point. I don’t want any disappoint on our end to overshine our excitement for The Soft Pack show – let’s be clear here. These guys fucking rock. If you haven’t heard their self-titled debut that was released back in February or their EPs and material under the Muslims monniker, you gotta do it. And I really dig the drummer. In a non-sexual way. Tickets HERE

The Soft Pack play Lollapalooza’s ‘Budweiser’ stage @ 12:30 on 08/08. Pound a gatorade, put on your gameface and make it out early to support these guys.

LISTEN:The Soft Pack – “C’mon”

So that’s our gameplan. How’d you all make out?! Let us know if you were able to get Black Keys or National tix… so that I can find you and steal them.

Here’s an update on where ticket availability stands for the Lollapalooza Afterparties. Get ’em while you still can and before you give money you don’t have to assholes at Gold Coast Tickets or weirdos on Craigslist!

  • 08/05: Devo w/ Dirty Projectors @ Congress Theater
  • 08/05: Slightly Stoopid w/ Collie Buddz @ House of Blues
  • 08/05: The New Pornographers w/ The Dodos @ Metro
  • 08/05: The Big Pink w/ Smith Westerns @ Lincoln Hall
  • 08/05: Cymbals Eat Guitars @ Schubas
  • 08/06: MGMT @ House of Blues (SOLD OUT)
  • 08/06: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros @ Lincoln Hall (SOLD OUT)
  • 08/06: Cut Copy @ Metro
  • 08/06: The Walkmen @ DoubleDoor
  • 08/06: Wild Beasts @ Empty Bottle
  • 08/06: Rogue Wave @ Schubas
  • 08/07: The National w/ The Antlers @ House of Blues (SOLD OUT)
  • 08/07: The Black Keys w/ The Morning Benders @ Metro (SOLD OUT)
  • 08/07: Minus the Bear w/ Miniature Tigers @ DoubleDoor
  • 08/07: Blitzen Trapper w/ Avi Buffalo @ Lincoln Hall
  • 08/07: The Soft Pack w/ Royal Bangs @ Schubas
  • 08/07: WAVVES w/ Harlem @ Empty Bottle
  • 08/07: Gogol Bordello @ Subterranean (SOLD OUT)
  • 08/07: Hot Chip w/ Rusko @ Congress Theater (CANCELED)
  • 08/08: Phoenix w/ Toro y Moi @ House of Blues (SOLD OUT)
  • 08/08: HEALTH w/ Chandeliers @ Reggies Rock Club

We’ll give a final update as Lollapalooza draws near. Check back next month for a final update and let us know if you’ll be joining us at our afterparty celebration. Go Chicago!

Just Announced!

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CHECK OUT these brand spankin’ new tour dates for Lincoln Hall, Empty Bottle, Schubas, & Metro! Tickets go on sale soon and with the actual dates falling in September & October – be sure to get your tickets before they get eaten alive by ticket scalpers and rich people.

  • 08/15: Interpol @ The Vic – ON SALE June 26 at 10 AM HERE
  • 09/02: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin @ Lincoln Hall – ON SALE June 25 at 10 AM HERE
  • 09/03: Jenny & Johnny (Jenny Lewis & Jonathan Rice) @ Lincoln Hall – ON SALE June 25 at 10 AM HERE
  • 09/28: Wovenhand & Serena Maneesh @ Lincoln Hall – ON SALE SOON
  • 10/01: Eels @ Metro – ON SALE NOW
  • 10/11: AA Bondy @ Schubas – ON SALE June 25 at 12 PM HERE
  • 10/29: Born Ruffians @ Empty Bottle – ON SALE NOW

MOST ANTICPATED: “Jenny & Johnny @ Lincoln Hall on 09/03″

Jenny and Johnny have warned you: “This is not a Rilo Kiley record, a Jenny Lewis record, or a Johnathan Rice record. This is Jenny and Johnny. They’re having fun now, and they want you to, too.” After Conor Oberst introduced the two darling songwriters back in 2005, Jenny Lewis and Jonathan Rice have been musically and romantically inseparable, working together on Lewis’ solo efforts “Rabbit Fur Coat” & “Acid Tongue” and touring together as well. While we have no release date yet for the album, deluxe vinyl and cd packages are already available for presale HERE and an mp3 single has been thrown out to the eager masses. (see below)

LISTEN: Jenny & Johnny “Scissor Runner”

BBS will see Jenny, Johnny, and the rest of you at Lincoln Hall this September.

Meet Jenny & Johnny