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Bang Bang Slang and Lincoln Hall are giving away 2 sets of tickets for Teenage Fanclub‘s Tuesday & Wednesday night stand at LH on October 5th & 6th! The Glasgow 4-piece is touring in support of their ninth studio album, “Shadows” and with two decades worth of material, these performances will be made from the stuff of Scottish alt-rock legends and should not be missed by Chicago music fans.

Check out Teenage Fanclub‘s catchy-as-all-hell performance of “Baby Lee” from last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon:

FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN – send an email to or get at @bangbangslang on Twitter! (Please include your full name and preference for which night you’d like to attend)


…good luck!




The Tallest Man on Earth LIVE! @ Park West (w/ S. Carey) 09/22/10 – Chicago, IL

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The Tallest Man on Earth - Kristian Matsson - gives a sold out crowd at Park West a taste of his pop folk voodoo

After having our generous fill of wine and gourmet tapas at Lincoln Park’s Vintage 338, BBS strolled towards Park West, passing desperate fans who begged for extras and pushing through a shoulder-to-shoulder packed patch of sidewalk, eventually solidifying our place in line. The Tallest Man on Earth show had sold out. Told you so.


There’s no hiding our high praises and regard for Park West – an underutilized gem of a venue in Chicago with unreal acoustics – but when shows sell out there, it’s on you to find a decent vantage point and plant your roots. With beers in hand, we advanced through weak pockets in the crowd, settling on an acceptable and close spot stage left and then assembled our camera. As expected, what followed was a gorgeously top notch night of live music, cementing Matsson‘s place on the highest end of our concert totem pole for 2010. He’s one of the rare, pure talents in this world – an artist and individual who has managed to fully behold his life purpose and bring it to fruition, generously sharing his light with the rest of us who are still searching to find ours.  Before delving into the details of The Tallest Man on Earth‘s breathtaking performance, we respectfully tip our hats to the opener of the night – S. Carey.




The night’s opening support came from Bon Iver drummer and classical percussionist, Sean Carey who has ventured out into solo artist territory under the moniker S. Carey. BBS hasn’t had a chance to devote a full listen just yet to his debut LP on Jagjaguwar , “All We Grow” (though we picked it up at the merch booth) – but between the studio and live material we’ve heard from him in the past week, there’s no way it will disappoint. For S. Carey‘s live offering, he assembled a touring crew of multi-instrumentalists that compliment the classical components riding in the current of each of his compositions. The 5 piece ambient orchestra (which included Bon Iver bandmate Michael Noyce) offered a lulling handful of melodic beauties in a 30-ish minute set – layered, ambient, harmonious, and rhythmic campfire songs that coincedentally set the perfect mood for early Fall. Surprisingly, Carey prefers to lean on his warm, delicate vocals more so than his professional training in percussion with the live format – did he even really play drums during his set or was it just piano? While it’s clear that he’s spent a lot of time with Justin Vernon, S. Carey has created a distinguished sound out on his own over the past few years – one that may have earned him the right to play with all of the other folky big dogs that are out there these days.

… and then the overhead speaker monitors belted out an unfamiliar, but comforting poetic ballad in Swedish. The Tallest Man on Earth emerged with an eager pep in his step from backstage, greeting the crowd with an earnest wave and smile.


After effortlessly strumming and singing his way through two tender openers – ” A Field of Birds ” & “ Burden of Tomorrow ” – gaining his stage bearings and feeling out the enthralled disposition of his eye-locked concert goers, it was time to address his sea of disciples in what was now a pindrop silent, blue-lit grotto. Matsson shyly spoke, informing everyone that his last visit to Chicago at Pitchfork Music Festival had ended in a heat stroke delirium – jetlagged, dehydrated, and head dipped in an cooler full of ice,  he made a vow that upon his return to the Windy City, he would deliver a night of sweet redemptive jams. Tonight he would exceedingly fulfill that promise.


This may have been Bang Bang Slang‘s third time at a The Tallest Man on Earth concert in 2010, but the Park West show was by no means any less almighty and charmingly impressive than its live predecessors. If anything the show was a fitting climax for Chicagoans who have supported TTMOE throughout the year, showcasing a profound body of work that Matsson has comprised and matured over a very short period of time. Vocal, lyrical and guitarwork abilities aside – a major component in the formula that’s earned Matsson early success and an ever-growing fanbase worldwide is an unprecedented blend of coy charisma and stage movement – he can use his guitar and body language as a sexual vessel to arouse and ruffle the crowd like no one else. Remember – it’s just one dude up there and magically everyone is hanging off his every pluck, word, and motion.




By night’s end, The Tallest Man on Earth served up a balanced plate of 17 songs – a well selected greatest hits set that spanned his 3 albums and newest EP, clocking in at about a little under 1.5 hours. Crowd pleasers “King of Spain“, “The Gardener” and “The Wild Hunt” surged through the crowd with a welcomed voltage that had foots tapping and hands clapping, but the slower moments were just as gratifying – a stirring highlight of the night being the Shallow Graves track “Where Do My Bluebirds Fly” and his set-ending duet with Amanda Bergman, “Thrown Right At Me“.  (FULL SETLIST BELOW)


A Field Of Birds
Burden Of Tomorrow
I Won’t Be Found
Pistol Dreams
Love Is All
King Of Spain
Thousand Ways
Wild Hunt
Tangled In This Trampled Wheat
Like The Wheel
The Gardner
Where Do My Bluebirds Fly
Your Going Back/By Your Side (Sade cover)
Thrown Right At Me (duet w/ Amanda Bergman)

Lion’s Heart
This Wind



Thanks for playing Chicago so damn much this past year, Kristian Matsson! We are a city that is under your spell and appreciative of your talents. Safe travels back to Europe and best of luck finishing out the tour on the other side of the pond, but BBS speaks for all of Chicago when we say – ‘Come back soon!’.

… or as the drunk dude in the crowd so elegantly put it: “Fuck yeah dude!”

For Tallest Man on Earth tour dates – check our pre show post: HERE

Boardwalk Empire’s (Kind of) Suprising Musical Partnership with Brian Jonestown Massacre

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Look at these two brothers from another mother. What do Brian Jonestown Massacre frontman Anton Newcombe and silver screen veteran Steve Buscemi have in common? Probably in real life not all that much, but if you’ve been watching HBO‘s new television masterpiece-in-the-making Boardwalk Empire, then you may have noticed an all too familiar rocking instrumental during the show’s opening credits.

LISTEN: Brian Jonestown Massacre “Straight Up and Down”

Emmy Award winning writer Terence Winter and Academy Award winning Director Martin Scorsese have scored again big time in crafting one of the most cinematic television experiences of recent memory. The pilot episode alone is a modern-day respected work of art that will easily stand the test of time as an unparalleled achievement for cable television programming. Assassinations. Raunchy sex. Brass knuckle fistfights. Corrupt cops and politicians. Gangster shootouts. Whiskey and cigs.  Give me a break – this is the greatest tv we’ve seen since Tony was sharing grub in that Jersey diner with Carmela, A.J., and Meadow.

Just as it was with The Sopranos and any of Scorsese’s classic films – careful music selection and supervision plays a deep-seated role in the supersensory experience of Boardwalk Empire for the viewer. While we wouldn’t put it past the music supervisor/Winter/Scorsese to pick one of Brian Jonestown Massacre‘s greatest hits for their opening credits- a song that was released nearly 15 years ago- it was still a welcoming surprise. Take a look (and a listen) for yourself  below:

Boardwalk Empire airs on HBO at 9:00 PM/8:00 PM (for Chicagoans): OFFICIAL WEBSITE

And if you don’t own any Brian Jonestown Massacre records, then punch yourself in the face: OFFICIAL WEBSITE

…keep music evil

Another Sunday Trip to the Record Store… (And BBS Updates)

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Sunday's Trip to Dave's Records & Reckless

It had been weeks since BBS had an opportunity to throw our hard earned cash down the drain in support of our unhealthiest obsession. The recent reissue of Ween‘s “God Ween Satan” had us running to Dave’s Records over the weekend- sure, the repressings of “The Mollusk“, “12 Country Golden Greats“, and “White Pepper” this summer were a treat to the avid record collector, but “God Ween Satan” is one of the holy grails for record collectors who love Ween. It’s where the fraternal freak show all began and it’s a primal piece of raw musicianship that continues to impress me as I get more gray hair.

Other purchases were more or less a build up of LP’s that had been floating out there on our ‘must grab list’ for months and another was influenced by our stop at Park West to see The Tallest Man on Earth:

  1. The Love Language – Libraries (MERGE)
  2. Fanfarlo – Reservoir (Canvasback/Atlantic)
  3. S. Carey – All We Grow (Jagjaguwar)

LISTEN: Ween – “Fat Lenny”

LISTEN: The Love Language – “Heart to Tell”

LISTEN: Fanfarlo – “The Walls Are Coming Down”

LISTEN: S. Carey – “In the Dirt”


(Week of 09/27-10/03)

09/27: Laura Veirs & The Hall of Flames @ Lincoln Hall

09/28: Tim Kasher (of Cursive/Good Life) @ Reckless Records  (In-Store)

09/29: !!! (Chk Chk Chk) @ Bottom Lounge

09/30: Klaxons @ Lincoln Hall

10/01: Eels @ Metro

10/02: Louis CK @ The Chicago Theatre

A hell of a busy week for BBS so keep checking back for updates! Plus posts from last week’s The Tallest Man on Earth/S. Carey show, secret Deerhunter concert coverage, a FULL post from our fishing trip with Dean Ween (finally!), a ticket giveaway from Lincoln Hall, and a “From The Archives” post or two.

What’s on YOUR plate for the week? Let us know!


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Deerhunter plays Urban Outfitters' "Secret Generator Series" FREE Concert this Saturday on the Chicago River!

Daaaaamn – the gig is up! We thought that we’d have to wait another month until we were able to catch any live awesomeness from Deerhunter‘s excellent forthcoming LP “Halcyon Digest” (Deerhunter plays Metro 10/22), but looks like Urban Outfitters has granted Chicago concert goers a gift in the form of a Secret Generators Series FREE concert  from the band this Saturday. Be sure to get there early – tickets are first come first serve.

Bang Bang Slang will be there! Who else is going?! (DETAILS BELOW)

Time: 4pm

Venue: 560 W. Grand at the Chicago River, under the Kennedy overpass

Red Line – Grand and State, exit and walk 8 blocks west
Blue Line – Grand and Halsted, exit and walk 3 blocks east
Green Line – Clinton and Lake, exit and walk north on Clinton 2 blocks, go left on Kinzie for 1 block, go right at Jefferson and walk 1 block to Jefferson and Grand Ave.

Grand Ave. bus to Canal stop
Halsted bus to Grand Ave. stop, walk 3 blocks east

Additional Info:
-The event is FREE
-First come first served
-PLUS we’re giving away UO gift cards courtesy of UO and Levi’s at the Deerhunter show. Tweet pics from the show to @urbanoutfitters with the tag #UOxLEVIS and you could get one!  Follow us on Twitter for more info.

Deerhunter’s “Halcyon Digest” gets a release date of 09/28 (4AD), but you can stream it on NPR now: CLICK HERE


BANG ON THIS! w/ Freddie Gibbs (Friday Song of the Day)

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Gary, Indiana's Rawest & Finest - Freddie Gibbs

Arguably one of the sickest MC’s on the come-up right now, Freddie Gibbs spits fire in a hip hop game that continues to  degenerate into Katy Perry collaboration after Katy Perry collaboration. His vocal delivery blatantly nods at Tupac, while at other times evoking Southern rap greats Pimp C and Andre 3000, but Gibbs is an OG (that’s original gangsta for all you white people) who’s innovative, fresh, and authentic in his own right.

Bang Bang Slang had a chance to catch Freddie Gibbs absolutely slayyyyy at Pitchfork Festival 2010 – more blunt smoke in the air than at a Grateful Dead concert – and along with the other 200 people that weren’t doing the “indie rock, arm cross, stationary nerd move” at the main stage with Panda Bear, we shook our asses and reveled in the murda music and crushed beers.

Gibbs released 2 mixtapes in 2009 – “The Miseducation of Freddie Gibbs”, “Midwestgangstaboxcadillacframemuzik” – and with the much anticipated drop of his latest  “Str8 Killa No Filla“, BBS is giving our Friday “Bang on This!” song of the day to Freddie’s dirty south banger “In My Hood”. (Unofficial Video Below)


Follow Freddie Gibbs on TWITTER!: CLICK HERE

Happy muthafuckin’ Friday, y’all.

Ric Carter & 1970’s “Counterculture” Photography

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UNC Chapel Hill Graduate Ric Carter Snaps Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir at Duke University's "Joe College" Festival (1971)

A special thanks to a close friend of BBS, Max Perlmutt, for bringing a very rad photo spread to our attention. The focus of the spread follows 10 or so snapshots from “counterculture” photographer and UNC Chapel Hill graduate, Ric Carter. The entry was submitted on a community Chapel Hill site called, “Chapel Hill Memories“.  We couldn’t dig up too much about this dude, but we are tightening our fists with jealousy upon reading this entry and browsing through this collection.

Imagine what it would’ve been like attending college in Tobacco Road in the ’70’s. Grateful Dead is playing festivals at Duke. Zappa is stopping by Charlotte. The excitement of running back to the dark room to develop raw film after mind-melting performances. The streets of Carrboro must have been absolutely NUTS.

Ric Carter

We like to think Carter has a similar approach to capturing his subject on stage through the lens of his camera in comparison to a lot of the original photography on BBS – singling out only what matters on stage, often producing portraits that perfectly seize a moment in musical history. But we would only hope to chase his level of documentation and artistry in a time in music history that will one day (hopefully) be looked back upon with a similar level of nostalgia and reverence … maybe in the coming years – we will see. Any tips, Mr. Carter?

Frank Zappa fronting his Petit Wazoo Band in Charlotte, November 1972

To read the post from Chapel Hill MemoriesCLICK HERE

To explore Ric Carter’s website – CLICK HERE