Ric Carter & 1970’s “Counterculture” Photography

UNC Chapel Hill Graduate Ric Carter Snaps Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir at Duke University's "Joe College" Festival (1971)

A special thanks to a close friend of BBS, Max Perlmutt, for bringing a very rad photo spread to our attention. The focus of the spread follows 10 or so snapshots from “counterculture” photographer and UNC Chapel Hill graduate, Ric Carter. The entry was submitted on a community Chapel Hill site called, “Chapel Hill Memories“.  We couldn’t dig up too much about this dude, but we are tightening our fists with jealousy upon reading this entry and browsing through this collection.

Imagine what it would’ve been like attending college in Tobacco Road in the ’70’s. Grateful Dead is playing festivals at Duke. Zappa is stopping by Charlotte. The excitement of running back to the dark room to develop raw film after mind-melting performances. The streets of Carrboro must have been absolutely NUTS.

Ric Carter

We like to think Carter has a similar approach to capturing his subject on stage through the lens of his camera in comparison to a lot of the original photography on BBS – singling out only what matters on stage, often producing portraits that perfectly seize a moment in musical history. But we would only hope to chase his level of documentation and artistry in a time in music history that will one day (hopefully) be looked back upon with a similar level of nostalgia and reverence … maybe in the coming years – we will see. Any tips, Mr. Carter?

Frank Zappa fronting his Petit Wazoo Band in Charlotte, November 1972

To read the post from Chapel Hill MemoriesCLICK HERE

To explore Ric Carter’s website – CLICK HERE


3 Responses to “Ric Carter & 1970’s “Counterculture” Photography”

  1. Hey, you kids make me blush!

    Loved browsing your site and plan to return. Keep up the good work, remember — the ticket is the sheer joy of what you are doing. If you’re having fun with what you’re doing (and I can tell you are), you’ve already won and the world can see it.

    I paid for my film for several of those years working as a veterinary technician in Lab Animal Medicine at UNC. Part of my job there was helping take care of Max’s Grandpa Joe Perlmutt’s research animals.

    • Ric! Welcome to the site and thank you for reaching out – our post on you has generated TREMENDOUS traffic and thank you for allowing us to share your body of work with thousands! We should stay in touch!!!

  2. I’ve added some new galleries:Aquarium Rescue Unit, Santana & Dixie Dregs. Major additions to Grateful Dead, Chuck Berry, Delaney & Bonnie & Muddy Waters.

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