About BBS

Black Lips Live 04/01/10

Welcome to Bang Bang Slang! A Chicago-centric live music and photography blog at its core, BBS mainly aims to keep concert-going Chicagoans  in the loop with regard to upcoming shows and events, but also strives to keep the visitor on top of breaking music & pop culture news. Visitors are encouraged to freely surf the site, share thoughts, make suggestions, submit concert photos and  voice requests. Most importantly, BBS is built on a foundation of creative freedom, respect for artists and our community, and bringing diverse-minded concert junkies together to share their love for the oldest and most badass universal language: music.  So don’t harsh our mellow… man.

Bang Bang Slang also encourages the following: buying cd’s & vinyl, supporting your local record store, purchasing concert tickets, storytelling, beer drinking, and  expanding your mind as much as possible.


  • Brandon Hale – Creator/Editor
  • Alex Traboulsi – Creative Designer
  • Christy James – Writer/Photographer

Would you like to become a BBS contributor? Click on our ‘Contact’ tab and tell us why!

PLEASE SUPPORT ALL OF OUR ARTISTS. Buy their albums. See them live. Show some love.


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