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Megafaun’s Mini-Album “Heretofore”

Posted in Album Reviews with tags , , on August 24, 2010 by bangbangslang

BBS‘s first outside contributor post comes in the form of an album review from North Carolina native and self-proclaimed music nut, Zack Robbins.  Zack had a premature listen to Megafaun‘s brand spankin’ new mini effort “Heretofore” and wanted to weigh in on its greatness. Plenty more to come from the Z-man, I would hope. Enjoy:

Megafaun – “Heretofore” (Hometapes)

September 14th marks the release of Megafaun‘s 6 song, mini-album which was recorded by BJ Burton who also recorded the new Love Language album. There is something for everyone here: Fans of Califone and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot-era Wilco will likely enjoy “Heretofore” and “Eagle”, “Carolina Days” is the poppiest thing they have done, “Volunteers” and “Bonnie’s Song” are the simple, gorgeous folk songs, and then there is their masterpiece: “Comprovisation For Connor Pass.”  “Comprovisation” is a 12 minute section of a 4 hour improvisation session they did during these sessions. They put some meat on it by adding strings, percussion, and various other overdubs throughout, and the end result is stunning. I would probably roll my eyes at most bands for attempting something like this, but these guys have the chops, jazz background, and smarts to pull it off; it is my favorite thing any band has done in recent memory. I lose my shit when Phil Cook’s harmonica comes in around 11:30 and brings the song to a close.

LISTEN: Megafaun – “Volunteers

Also, can we give Brad Cook MVP of 2010? He kills it on this album (especially when the bass comes in at ~4:00 of “Heretofore”), played bass on some of The Love Language tracks, and played bass on the Gayngs album.

Zack Robbins

After an extensive U.S. tour this summer with supporting act Sam Quinn, Megafaun winds up their final summer shows in Europe with stops in Netherlands and the United Kingdom.  A rumored full-length Fall release is said to be in the works. We’re hoping some Fall dates will follow…