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BANG ON THIS! Follow Up… Freddie Gibbs drops FREE “Str8 Killa No Filla” Mixtape

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And we’re BACK…  Riding off last week’s grueling concert calendar, things are looking much slower for the coming days in early October – but the few punches that this week packs live music wise are strong.  Bang Bang Slang will be hittin’ up the Riviera to see our boyhood heroes Jimmy Eat World on Thursday and then heading to a much anticipated October concert highlight with My Morning Jacket guitarist Carl Broemel playing Schubas on Saturday, his first solo tour ever. We’ve got our full Dean Ween fishing trip post coming this week (finally) and some From The Archives entries that we’re excited to drop.

Last week BBS introduced you to a rising hip hop great from Gary, Indiana who spits the raw truth – Freddie Gibbs. Since then we’ve reignited our respect and admiration for Gangsta Gibbs and have been spinning his shit more or less nonstop… on the streets, in our cribs, even at the office. After copping his “Str8 Killa” EP (his first legit studio effort in forever) over the weekend, BBS thought we’d continue to spread some love for Gibbs on the site and drop his “Str8 Killa No Filla” MIXTAPE, which he threw out to his fanbase for free just days before the studio release hits stores. Now that’s gangsta.

Freddie Gibbs – “Str8 Killa No Filla” MIXTAPE


BUY FREDDIE GIBBS’ “Str8 Killa” EP (Decon): HERE

… ticket giveaway this afternoon, so stay tuned!!!


Outkast’s Big Boi Drops FREE Mix Tape!

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While Bang Bang Slang has been bumping Big Boi’s first official solo album “Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty” (Def Jam) for weeks now in our ‘Speakerboxxxes’, we somehow forgot to drop the news of the release of his retrospective mix tape: “Mix Tape for Dummies: Guide to Global Greatness “. Assisted by DJ X-Rated & DJ Esco, Big Boi twists up a nostalgic phatty of OutKast throwbacks, laced with some nuggs from “Chico Dusty”.

Did we also mention it’s completely FREE? Stank you very much, Daddy Fat Sax. (Click Below)

Big Boi – “Mix Tape for Dummies: Guide to Global Greatness” (2010)

DOWNLOAD: “Mix Tape for Dummies

Big Boi will be headlining Pitchfork Festival in support of “Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty” on Sunday, July 18th here in Chicago (SOLD OUT). You can swoop onto Big Boi’s official website to exclusively grab a deluxe vinyl set w/ t-shirt or a very limited “GOODWOOD PACK” which includes a deluxe cd/dvd 6-panel softpack, DVD w/ music videos, 30″ ‘Goodwood’ chain, lithograph, & mp3 download code.


Here’s BBS’s favorite from “Chico Dusty”. Hotbox your car and turn the speakers up:

Big Boi – “Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty” (2010)

LISTEN: Big Boi – “Tangerine”

See you at Pitchfork, Big Boi! Anyone else going?

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Kelechukwu Rowland Okereke, better known as “Kele”, best known as the gifted rhythym-guitarist and Bloc Party frontman takes his cockney English crooning (and disco rave-boy affection) to solo ground on his upcoming “The Boxer” (Glassnote/Polydor). Like Bloc Party’s previous discs (Intimacy, A Weekend in the City), abandon all hope for  a peak back into the blood-buzzing greatness that was the Silent Alarm-era Kele, and instead join him on the dancefloor with your glowsticks and MDMA for 45 minutes of gratuitous indie-electronic self-indulgence. Kele is totally pulling a Davey Havoc move here – hopefully this is Kele barfing all of the electronica out of system, just as Havoc did with his Blaqk Audio project, before a ‘fingers crossed’ righteous full-band return with the Bloc Party that actually played their instruments. It’s definitely not all bad here for “The Boxer” – midway through the album the listener is treated to back to back tracks clearly utilizing the  songwriting equation for pop-success that Kele leans on with the Bloc Party guys; ‘The Other Side’ actually uses the rhythm guitar awesomeness that Kele is best known for as a base tempo, layered between trance-y blips, cowbells, and Africana whistles and where ‘Everything You Wanted’ lacks guitarwork, it more than makes up for itself with catchy verses and a chorus that would make any Bloc Party fan nod their head in blissful approval. I’ll give it to Kele – the dance-heavy “Tenderoni” was a smart choice for an album single and offers a clear, enjoyable message to the masses: DJ Kele is behind the 1’s and 2’s on this bitch. But tracks like “On the Lam”, “Rise” and “Yesterday’s Gone” fall short as amateur recycled Euro dancehall cuts that are wailed over as you’d expect them to be. It’s admirable  and certainly enjoyable at times to see that Kele has thrown on his gloves and taken a full-blown swing at the British Electro-Rock thing, but at the end of “The Boxer’s” 10 rounds, it is clear that he belongs in the ring with his regular sparring partners.

Kele “The Boxer” is available June 21, 2010 (Glassnote/Polydor)

Essential Tracks: “The Other Side”, “Tenderoni”, “Everything You Wanted”

Kele is bringing his electro-swagger to Wicker Park’s “Subterranean” on Friday, July 23. Get ’em before they’re gone! BUY TICKETS

LISTEN: Kele – “Tenderoni”

WAVVES ‘King of the Beach’

Just in time for the summer, Wavves decides to follow in the steps of their garage pop peers MGMT and release an equally incredible, LSD soaked album cover and just like MGMT, their sophomore album takes their sound and songwriting ability to incredible new highs. “King of the Beach” (Fat Possum) opens with Nathan Williams’ familiar harmonic vocal strain, belting out – “Let the sun, burn my eyes, let it burn my back” and with other song titles like “Super Soaker”, “Baseball Cards”, “Convertible Balloon”, and “Mickey Mouse”, you already want to grab some sunblock and your fedora, stick out your tongue, and  go “surfing in your mind”  with the boys on this 12-tracked summery trip. The immediately obvious difference with ‘Beach’ is its polished production courtesy of Mississippi’s Fat Possum studios – though still blatantly lo-fi, the album’s cleaner sound and upbeat shredding will certainly attract a broader fanbase, while surely appeasing the die-hard fans. The album’s first single “Post-Acid” perfectly captures a revved-up, clunky Beach Boys sound with a contemporary oldies-style refrain that will have you bopping your head in hyperspeed. It’s high energy, high production, and highly badass (Single of the summer?). KOB maintains a steady pace throughout and never drops the ball in any regards to momentum – hats off to the production engineer and to WAVVES for crafting a scuzball noise-pop record so beautiful that it will have the Surfer Bloods of the scene green with jealousy and the Vampire Weekend’s  at the top of their game questioning their street cred.

WAAVES “King of the Beach” is available August 3rd, 2010 (Fat Possum)

Essential Tracks: “Post-Acid”, “King of the Beach”, “Convertible Balloon”, “Idiot”

WAAVES will be surfing into Grant Park for Lollapalooza 2010. Make sure to catch Nathan Williams and crew at the Budweiser stage bright ‘n early on Friday, August 6th for a 45 minute set at 12:15 PM. Killer way to start the festival…   Even with Lady Gaga on the bill, Lollapalooza 3-day passes and single day passes are available HERE

LISTEN: WAAVES – “Post Acid”