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Deerhunter Plays Secret Outdoor Gig in Chicago (Lots of new material!)

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Deerhunter plays new material off their latest, "Halcyon Digest", at their Chicago Urban Outfitter Secret Generator concert

Bradford Cox braved the cold and led a brief, but killer set

With a groundbreaking, much hyped album release right around the corner for Deerhunter, it made sense that they would want to test out some new tracks on a select few before embarking on their Fall tour. Why not play an impromptu afternoon set on a freezing afternoon in Chicago. Why not squish a stage between two massive pillars underneath the Kennedy bridge overpass and have a live test run of some new material. And offer this to your fanbase for free. Sure.

I guess bands play secret shows all the time – Arcade Fire playing Montreal’s Notman House before “The Suburbs” dropped or The Strokes playing Camden’s Dingwalls under the alias “Venison” before their reunion shows – but often the devoted fans of these bands fall to the wayside and it’s really special when all the stars align and you have that right place/right time opportunity to make it to one. Bang Bang Slang luckily had an opportunity to attend Deerhunter‘s contribution to the ongoing Urban Outfitters “Secret Generator Series” and it was a special treat to get a taste of these new album jams before the band officially hit the road for Fall tour.


Deerhunter took off into the Halcyon Digest track “Desire Lines” to open their set and as the band transitioned with ease and atmospheric sound looping from song to song, by show’s end they had given the crowd a well-balanced smattering of tracks from their entire discography. Bradford Cox made it clear from the get go – this performance would be the first time that this Athens 4-piece would be playing select tracks off of Halcyon ever, so this was not only the first time that fans of the band were hearing these songs live, it was the same for the band hearing them in an actual live concert setting too. The concert lasted a little over an hour with 13 songs comprising  the setlist and I think everyone in attendance would agree that the standout jam from the performance was their set-ender, “Nothing Ever Happened“. For the opportunity to hear that song again live alone, BBS will be at Metro in October when Deerhunter returns to Chi-city. Other highlights included a fan-requested “Saved By Old Times“, a perfect “Rainwater Cassette Exchange“, and all Halcyon material played sounded seamlessly smooth for a first run.

Considering the gusty cold winds, shitty overcast conditions, and that distracting couple that was jawing their blue-painted faces off spinning on molly (you know who I’m talking about), Deerhunter made the best of what would have otherwise been a craptastic Saturday Chicago afternoon and brought some kick ass entertainment to a lucky gathering of hundreds. Lucky us.

SETLIST 09/25/10

1.)    Desire Lines

2.)    Hazel St.

3.)    Don’t Cry

4.)    Revival

5.)    Rainwater Cassette Exchange

6.)    Memory Boy

7.)    Never Stops

8.)    Helicopter

9.)    Fountain Stars

10.) Famous Last Words

11.) Saved By Old Times

12.) He Would Have Laughed

13.) Nothing Ever Happened










10/1: Variety Playhouse – Atlanta, GA
10/9: Cat’s Cradle – Carrboro, NC
10/10: Canal Club – Richmond, VA
10/12: 9:30 Club – Washington, D.C.
10/15: Webster Hall – New York, NY
10/16: Royale Nightclub – Boston, MA
10/17: La Tulipe – Montreal, QC
10/19: Opera House – Toronto, ON
10/20: Magic Stick – Detroit, MI
10/21: Beachland Ballroom – Cleveland, OH
10/22: Metro – Chicago, IL
10/23: Fine Line – Minneapolis, MN
10/26: Commodore – Vancouver, WA
10/27: Showbox – Seattle, WA
10/28: Wonder Ballroom – Portland, OR
10/29: Great American – Sanfrancisco, CA
10/30: Slim’s – Sanfrancisco, CA
11/1: Fonda – Los Angeles, CA
11/3: Clubhouse – Phoenix, AZ
11/5: Granada – Dallas, TX
11/7: Fun Fun Fun Fest – Austin, TX
11/8: House of Blues – New Orleans, LA
11/9: Bottletree – Birmingham, AL
11/10: Exit Inn – Nashville, TN


Deerhunter News & Tour Info: HERE

Purchase tickets to Deerhunter’s 10/22 stop @ Chicago’s METRO: HERE

…see you at Metro in October!


The Tallest Man on Earth LIVE! @ Park West (w/ S. Carey) 09/22/10 – Chicago, IL

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The Tallest Man on Earth - Kristian Matsson - gives a sold out crowd at Park West a taste of his pop folk voodoo

After having our generous fill of wine and gourmet tapas at Lincoln Park’s Vintage 338, BBS strolled towards Park West, passing desperate fans who begged for extras and pushing through a shoulder-to-shoulder packed patch of sidewalk, eventually solidifying our place in line. The Tallest Man on Earth show had sold out. Told you so.


There’s no hiding our high praises and regard for Park West – an underutilized gem of a venue in Chicago with unreal acoustics – but when shows sell out there, it’s on you to find a decent vantage point and plant your roots. With beers in hand, we advanced through weak pockets in the crowd, settling on an acceptable and close spot stage left and then assembled our camera. As expected, what followed was a gorgeously top notch night of live music, cementing Matsson‘s place on the highest end of our concert totem pole for 2010. He’s one of the rare, pure talents in this world – an artist and individual who has managed to fully behold his life purpose and bring it to fruition, generously sharing his light with the rest of us who are still searching to find ours.  Before delving into the details of The Tallest Man on Earth‘s breathtaking performance, we respectfully tip our hats to the opener of the night – S. Carey.




The night’s opening support came from Bon Iver drummer and classical percussionist, Sean Carey who has ventured out into solo artist territory under the moniker S. Carey. BBS hasn’t had a chance to devote a full listen just yet to his debut LP on Jagjaguwar , “All We Grow” (though we picked it up at the merch booth) – but between the studio and live material we’ve heard from him in the past week, there’s no way it will disappoint. For S. Carey‘s live offering, he assembled a touring crew of multi-instrumentalists that compliment the classical components riding in the current of each of his compositions. The 5 piece ambient orchestra (which included Bon Iver bandmate Michael Noyce) offered a lulling handful of melodic beauties in a 30-ish minute set – layered, ambient, harmonious, and rhythmic campfire songs that coincedentally set the perfect mood for early Fall. Surprisingly, Carey prefers to lean on his warm, delicate vocals more so than his professional training in percussion with the live format – did he even really play drums during his set or was it just piano? While it’s clear that he’s spent a lot of time with Justin Vernon, S. Carey has created a distinguished sound out on his own over the past few years – one that may have earned him the right to play with all of the other folky big dogs that are out there these days.

… and then the overhead speaker monitors belted out an unfamiliar, but comforting poetic ballad in Swedish. The Tallest Man on Earth emerged with an eager pep in his step from backstage, greeting the crowd with an earnest wave and smile.


After effortlessly strumming and singing his way through two tender openers – ” A Field of Birds ” & “ Burden of Tomorrow ” – gaining his stage bearings and feeling out the enthralled disposition of his eye-locked concert goers, it was time to address his sea of disciples in what was now a pindrop silent, blue-lit grotto. Matsson shyly spoke, informing everyone that his last visit to Chicago at Pitchfork Music Festival had ended in a heat stroke delirium – jetlagged, dehydrated, and head dipped in an cooler full of ice,  he made a vow that upon his return to the Windy City, he would deliver a night of sweet redemptive jams. Tonight he would exceedingly fulfill that promise.


This may have been Bang Bang Slang‘s third time at a The Tallest Man on Earth concert in 2010, but the Park West show was by no means any less almighty and charmingly impressive than its live predecessors. If anything the show was a fitting climax for Chicagoans who have supported TTMOE throughout the year, showcasing a profound body of work that Matsson has comprised and matured over a very short period of time. Vocal, lyrical and guitarwork abilities aside – a major component in the formula that’s earned Matsson early success and an ever-growing fanbase worldwide is an unprecedented blend of coy charisma and stage movement – he can use his guitar and body language as a sexual vessel to arouse and ruffle the crowd like no one else. Remember – it’s just one dude up there and magically everyone is hanging off his every pluck, word, and motion.




By night’s end, The Tallest Man on Earth served up a balanced plate of 17 songs – a well selected greatest hits set that spanned his 3 albums and newest EP, clocking in at about a little under 1.5 hours. Crowd pleasers “King of Spain“, “The Gardener” and “The Wild Hunt” surged through the crowd with a welcomed voltage that had foots tapping and hands clapping, but the slower moments were just as gratifying – a stirring highlight of the night being the Shallow Graves track “Where Do My Bluebirds Fly” and his set-ending duet with Amanda Bergman, “Thrown Right At Me“.  (FULL SETLIST BELOW)


A Field Of Birds
Burden Of Tomorrow
I Won’t Be Found
Pistol Dreams
Love Is All
King Of Spain
Thousand Ways
Wild Hunt
Tangled In This Trampled Wheat
Like The Wheel
The Gardner
Where Do My Bluebirds Fly
Your Going Back/By Your Side (Sade cover)
Thrown Right At Me (duet w/ Amanda Bergman)

Lion’s Heart
This Wind



Thanks for playing Chicago so damn much this past year, Kristian Matsson! We are a city that is under your spell and appreciative of your talents. Safe travels back to Europe and best of luck finishing out the tour on the other side of the pond, but BBS speaks for all of Chicago when we say – ‘Come back soon!’.

… or as the drunk dude in the crowd so elegantly put it: “Fuck yeah dude!”

For Tallest Man on Earth tour dates – check our pre show post: HERE

Jenny & Johnny LIVE! @ Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL (09/13/10)

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Jenny Lewis & Johnathan Rice’s first trip to Chicago as “Jenny & Johnny”

After scorching sets from openers Jaill and Love as Laughter (where have you guys been by the way?!), the voracious crowd at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall awaited for what would be their first live taste of Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice’s new outfit, Jenny & Johnny. The uber gifted and inherently cool boyfriend/girlfriend duo took the stage and without much warning took right off into their first song “Scissor Runner” – a single they released mid-summer and lobbed out to the masses after announcing that J&J were the real deal and here to stay. Then the song ended. A 13 year-old in the front row yelped out, “Troop Beverly Hills!”. Another girl desperately shouted “Jenny! I love you!”. And then another girl blubbered “I love you, Jenny!”. And then it hit me – ‘Shit, man. There’s a ton of girls here tonight.‘ I was definitely the gender minority at a sold out Lincoln Hall show – which was a first – and while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, it reminded me that tonight I was in the lair of maternal rock royalty – the Queen that ruled the stage was Jenny Lewis.

And right at that moment, hundreds of hours of Rilo Kiley album listens began surging through my subconscious. And then “Rabbit Fur Coat” and “Acid Tongue‘ verses started to flood back. And then I remembered being little boy and watching The Wizard and Big Girls Don’t Cry…They Get Even (totally underrated). And then I started to feel like a prick – ‘Man, I should’ve been way more excited to see this show. This is going to be a very special night.

Jenny Lewis has accomplished a hell of a lot since she her early acting days as a young teen to her growing discography and offerings as an accomplished singer/songwriter. Sure the stardom from the silver screen still follows her on the road as she tours in support of her truest artistic abilities, but considering what she’s accomplished as a musician over the last decade, it should be pretty easy to shake the sometimes nagging reminders. She’s as badass now as she’s ever been.

By the end of the night I had concluded that Lewis’s latest project with Johnathan Rice may just be her one of her best artistic decisions since the Rilo Kiley split. And oh yeah – Johnny: you’re a pretty unbelievable talent yourself… but, sorry. I’m in love with your girlfriend.




So, Bang Bang Slang fully supports Jenny & Johnny on and off the stage. Before we get into more detail regarding the rest of the 09/13 show, let it be said: “I’m Having Fun Now” is clear a contender for Top 10 albums of 2010. The debut from J&J was a grower for us. Before we had it spinning on repeat, it took the live show to nail home what a moving piece of power-pop studio mastery it really is.

The live performance gave us nearly, if not all of “Having Fun” – highlights would include their gorgeous and intoxicating next single “Big Wave” (Jenny’s vocal range is overwhelmingly and expertly beautiful here – wowza!) and other fresh jams – “My Pet Snakes” (a snappy upbeat pop ballad and crowd pleaser ), “New Yorker Cartoon” (a drowsy indie beauty of a track), “Animal” (Rice showing off his leading man chops), “Committed” (the ultimate harmonious vocal blend and album highlight), and “Switchblade” (the entrancing duet of the night). Towards the end of the set after playing most of the “Having Fun” material, J&J took off on some “Acid Tongue” hits, including a ferociously awesome version of “The Next Messiah“. We didn’t get any Rilo Kiley tracks, but not surprisingly so – Rice had written a ton of material with Lewis during the Acid Tongue sessions and toured with her in support of the album release, so it makes sense that we got some of these jams after they had their J&J fun.






Here’s the bottom line: Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice have bottled a harmonious music synergy between one another and established a rock partnership that other duos in the industry should be drooling over – and they’re even defying the odds set against them, beautifully functioning as a boyfriend/girlfriend act. It’s not quite Johnny & June , but it’s fiery and playful and charming.

Fittingly (oh so fittingly so), Jenny & Johnny ended with a sparingly acoustic, drowsy but dazzling version of Roy Orbison‘s – or is it Nazareth‘s (?) – “Love Hurts“. BBS managed to get some video coverage of the encore set-ender  but our audio setting were complete shit and we blew it. So here’s some other dude’s coverage… which was way better than ours. (See Below)





  • 09/21: Maxwell’s – Hoboken, NJ (SOLD OUT)
  • 09/22: Trocadero Theater – Philadelphia, PA
  • 09/23: Cat’s Cradle – Carrboro, NC
  • 09/24: 40 Watt Club – Athens, GA
  • 09/25: Mercury Lounge – Nashville, TN
  • 09/28: Granada Theater – Dallas, TX
  • 10/03: Hollywood Palladium – Hollywood, CA (SOLD OUT)
  • 10/05: Troubador – Los Angeles, CA (SOLD OUT)
  • 10/17: Cornell University – Ithaca, NY
  • 10/18: Toad’s Place – New Haven, CT
  • 10/21: Kool Haus – Toronto, ONT, Canada
  • 10/22: The Fillmore – Detroit, MI
  • 10/24: Culture Center Theatre – Charleston, WV
  • 10/29: NCPAC – North Charleston, SC
  • 10/30: Fox Theater – Atlanta, GA
  • 11/02: Emo’s Outside – Austin, TX

Catch J&J on tour in support of “I’m Having Fun Now” while tickets are STILL AVAILABLE! Hard to believe that tickets are still up for grabs in some of these big city tour stops, so get them now before they’re gone. Sure to be one of your live music highlights of the year.

Bang Bang Slang might even pop up at The Fillmore in Detroit (gross) if that’s what it takes to get a second dose of these two.

Jenny & Johnny – “I’m Having Fun Now” (Warner Bros.)

LISTEN: “Big Wave”


For official merchandise and tour dates: JENNY & JOHNNY OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Last Night’s Show: David Bazan @ “Green Music Festival” 06/27/10

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After nearly a 5 year hiatus from the touring game, David Bazan – former frontman of the once celebrated indie household name ‘Pedro the Lion’ – is back, having added a Sunday stop in Chicago for the Subterranean sponsored “Green City Music Fest” in Ukraine Village. Bazan took the stage prematurely, extending his set by at least 15 minutes, and with his trademark hypnotic, lulling vocals, he and his bandmates jammed through material from 2009’s acclaimed “Curse Your Branches” (Barsuk) and cuts from the Pedro the Lion discography, appeasing the sunbaked festival goers  who were clad in vintage summer dresses, big sunglasses, and fedoras.

Subterranean’s “Green Music Fest” deserved much more hype and publicity than what it had attracted for 2010. This was one of my favorites, so far. The restaurants, bars, and clubs (Butterfly, Five Star, Beauty Bar) that lined the blocked off portion of road serving as the festival grounds really helped to capture that authentic ‘summer community’ vibe that so many other street fairs in Chicago aim for, but ultimately fail to claim. Sure I encountered some meth heads with brown teeth pounding brown bags of booze and some white trash screaming-matches in the alleyways, but above all – there were so many attractive people there, those sleazy moments were overshadowed by the Zooey Deschanel clones who sipped Bud Heavys out of neon straws. Solid band lineup (David Bazan, The Wailers, Cloud Cult, Fang Island, Maps & Atlases) and a full DJ and Electronica dance area on the opposite end of the grounds. Food and vendors were well selected.  Environmentally conscious vendors & green initiative support. And New Belgium Brewery sponsored the thing, so all the Fat Tire that your wallet could afford. Check out the now irrelevant website for the Green City Music Festival HERE and definitely don’t miss this one next year! Way to go Subterranean!!!

My brief trip to the “Green City Music Fest” – I only had time to stick around for Bazan’s set – provided a perfect summer setting and ending to a relaxing Sunday. On my ride back into the city, I started thinking about how many times I had listened to Pedro The Lion’s “Control” and “Achilles Heel” in college and I started to really feel grateful for the fact that I was able to catch an indie icon like Bazan at a point in his career like this one. “Hard to Be” off Bazan’s debut solo album still remains one of my favorite singles of 2009 and hearing it live granted me another musical full orbit with an artist I admire – I can check this one off the list.

Bazan and his band only have 2 tour dates on their schedule for the remainder of 2010 (Seattle & Portland), but my suggestion is to keep checking his website for updates and tour announcements – mysteriously, there’s a date scheduled at Lincoln Hall’s website for a September 16th tour stop with supporting act, The Mynabirds. Tickets on sale this Friday 07/02/10 at NOON!

In the meantime, hit play below and listen to the best track on his excellent debut effort, ‘Curse Your Branches’ and an oldie but goodie from Pedro the Lion.

LISTEN: David Bazan – “Hard to Be”

LISTEN: Pedro the Lion – “Rapture”

If you’re on the fence about doing the September 16th Bazan show at Lincoln Hall, consider the opening band, The Mynabirds, sweet icing on the cake. The Mynabirds recently stopped by Chicago’s Do-Division Fest in support of their ridiculously long album titled debut on Saddle Creek (Where have you been Saddle Creek?!), “What We Lose in the Fire We Gain in the Flood”. I think here with this project, we’re finally seeing Laura Burhenn hit her musical strongpoint since ditching the Georgie James outfit she played around with in ’07. Try this soulful, mellow number by The Mynabirds and then give their full length a listen when you can:

LISTEN: The Mynabirds – “Give it Time”

It’s sure to be a pleasantly melodic, soulful September evening. A wipe your heartache on your sleeve and tip back the wine glass sorta time. BBS will surely be there to report…

Last Night’s Show: WEEN @ Aragon Ballroom 06/25/10 with SETLIST

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My ears have stopped ringing. The hangover has leaked its way out of my system. And Ween has left Chicago. Now let’s push through the fuzzyness and booze fueled whirlwind that was Deaner and Gener’s Windy City return performance.

Ween’s tour stop at the Aragon cemented two main points into my running bible of concert-going principles. The first being, Ween is and always will remain one of the most enjoyable bands to see live. Even after 2 decades of hard living, touring, and artistic ups and downs, no other duo (Claude, Dave & Glen included) can inspire and set off a room of thousands into sheer party madness overdrive. (My clothes smelled like a Duke Lacrosse party the following morning) The second point – unfortunately – is, ‘I hate the Aragon Ballroom’. Between the aesthetic awesomeness of its psychedelic space mural on the ceiling, to its middle-eastern inspired columns and turrets, to fantastic bathroom and bar accessibility – The Aragon has all the right elements going for it, but it’s missing one critical component, robbing them of potential greatness. The acoustics just suck there. Period. Bass and drums hit great off the walls, but guitar reverb – especially for a Guitar God like Deaner – and even vocals – especially for a demented troubadour like Gener – bounce all over the place and can cause even the most seasoned musical talents to fall to its central weakness.

Before moving any further, I have to apologize to you – our new fans and followers – for missing the first few songs of the concert. I realize I had been promoting a live tweet-athon that would cover the entire set for the show, but after having issues with printing out my ticketmaster tickets and encountering an entrance line of literally hundreds that stretched around the Aragon complex, snaking into a neighboring hobo commune in the lot adjacent to the venue, it was a battle for me to make it in on time. I’m sorry!

Racing through the entrance hall and up the massive stairway that led to the main standing area of the ballroom, I finally emerged to a sea of Ween-heads pumping fists in unison to an extra sizzling ‘Buckingham Green’ – Deaner had just unleashed the fury and the solo was righteous. I had that familiar rush of Ween adrenaline, a song I’ve heard hundreds of time being slayed to pieces, bringing the musicality to a level where it makes you think you’re hearing it for the first time again. I enjoyed ‘Buckingham’ from the sidelines of the ballroom, singing along with my ‘boognish’ brethren in the beer line. As soon as the song ended I anxiously turned to the dude in front of me an said, ‘What did I miss, man?!’. Within 20 minutes I had managed to flop on hearing ‘Transdermal Celebration’, ‘With My Own Bare Hands’, ‘Take Me Away’, ‘She Wanted to Leave’, ‘Learnin to Love’ and possibly others. Sidenote: Between the official Ween Forum and, I haven’t been able to find an accurate setlist and I’m still furiously left in the dark here.

But back to the show, next the droney riffs of ‘Did You See Me?’ ripped through the speakers and the proceeding 2.5 hours went spinning by at a peculiar pace, even for a Ween concert. Don’t get me wrong, it’s Ween – their enormous song catalog is a genius cascading shitstorm that transcends nearly every genre, element or music background that you can think of, but for this very reason it can also make it tough for every Ween set to maintain a consistent rhythm. If you’re a true Ween fan, you don’t really care either way, but sometimes you can tell if they’re not hitting their full stride. Dean and Gene are also savvy at arranging a setlist that will cater to the town they are playing, whether it’s playing stonier sets at Thomas Wolfe in Asheville or keeping it jammy and dance-funky at The Tabernacle in Atlanta. In Chicago, Ween made the right judgement to stick to their classic rock/metal/punk roots for a large chunk of the show, but they never really gelled to that awesome evenness that you wanted them to make it to. I blame this solely on the acoustics of ‘The Aragon’. It had to have been frustrating for everyone in the band and I know it was to a lot of the more coherent fans that I discussed this with as the show was going on. But more power to the boys from New Hope – they jammed through the fated flaw of concert space and gave us some great highlights and an amazing Friday party in Chicago.

So let’s focus on the good stuff now, the stuff that brought the usual “brown” to town and the setlist highlights that had me spilling my Jack & Coke on the dancefloor:

  1. Woman & Man ABORTED into Piss up a Rope! – After a pretty solid ‘Tooter’, Gene disappeared backstage to an unknowing Dean who prompted the band to begin playing the heavier Steely Dan-esque ballad “Woman & Man”. It came time for vocals and no Gener in sight. Dean shakes his head in confusion – “Shit. We have no frontman… Fine then, ‘Piss up A Rope!”. And it killed!
  2. I Don’t Want It – I always think it’s a treat when Ween brings this one out of the bag. It’s a tender, slower jam, but every building second is worth it for that culminating guitar solo. The soothing vocals over the solo, mixed with Glen’s synths are the cherry on the sundae every time.
  3. You Fucked up – Do I ever NOT want to hear this live at a Ween concert? No! It should be played every time. The fact that they chose to close the set on this classic screamo thrash tune, made me even more pleased, but that pesky reverb was almost gloriously unbearable. I said almost.
  4. Silence of the Lambs Reference – During ‘Big Jilm’ (which was a sloppily, outstandingly, raw highlight as well) Gener dropped to a deranged baritone between the chorus, belting out, “It puts the lotion in the basket!!!”. The crowd lost it.
  5. Never Squeal Drum Solo – Claude definitely got his drum solo this show on the set-ending encore song. There was some playful collaboration between Deaner and Glen, but the real band interaction was during a back and forth drum stick catch game. Calude threw his stick to Dave who then tried to pass the drumstick back into Claude’s hand, seamlessly falling back into a solo. It didn’t really work, but it was fun to watch.

When the house lights went up, I wasn’t disappointed. I had just partied with my musical heroes for 2 and a half hours and it’s always a privilege to hear them play, especially when it’s your home town. My only advice for next time: don’t book another date at ‘The Aragon’. While ‘The Aragon’ may work for bands with a less blaring guitar-centric sound, it was clear that it couldn’t handle the belligerent power of Ween and the mighty Boognish.

(Click to Enlarge Photos)


  • She Wanted to Leave
  • Transdermal Celebration
  • Take Me Away
  • Don’t Get Too Close (2 My Fantasy)
  • Bananas & Blow
  • With My Own Bare Hands
  • Learnin’ to Love
  • Buckingham Green
  • Did You See Me
  • Push Th’ Little Daisies
  • Roses Are Free
  • Zoloft
  • Gabrielle
  • Touch My Tooter
  • Woman & Man (aborted)
  • Piss Up A Rope
  • Woman & Man
  • Final Alarm (Claude Metal Jam)
  • I Don’t Want It
  • Let’s Dance (Bowie)
  • I’ll Be Your Johnny on the Spot
  • The Mollusk
  • Big Jilm
  • You Fucked Up


  • Fiesta
  • Spinal Meningitis
  • Your Party
  • Right to the Ways and the Rules of the World
  • Never Squeal

(via @bangbangslang on Twitter)

Can anyone remember the first 3-5 songs? In what order? Also – please drop your show highlights and post comments. We’d love for you to share your stories and highlights with us! * A special thanks to Libby & Mark for filling in the missing songs… and for correcting my Bowie blunder. Appreciate it!

Bang Bang Slang will be seeing Ween off on their last tour date in Central Park on Friday, September 17th at Rumsey Playfield. Tickets are still available HERE

Also, check our ‘From the Archives’ concert review of Gene Ween’s solo stop at Otto’s in Dekalb, IL HERE

LISTEN: Ween – “Tear for Eddie” LIVE 04/09/10 Asheville, NC

Thanks again, Ween! See you in September…