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This Week in Ryan Adams News…

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Ryan Adams holds a special place at the core of Bang Bang Slang and this is the first post where he’s getting a nod – sure to be plenty more posts to follow, I can guarantee that. Adams is an artist whose unwavering creative “grind” is always in overdrive mode, not just pointing to the past 10 quality studio releases he’s nailed over the last decade, but also referencing his relentless pursuit to corner every facet of the art world, in general. In 2009 alone he published 2 poetry books (Akashic), founded a record label (PaxAm), dropped some genre-crossing tracks through the monikers ‘Werewolph’ & ‘Sleazy Handshake’ online, and most recently he released a vinyl-exclusive metal-inspired album, under the alias “Orion” (which sold out almost instantly).

photo by Brandon Hale

Ryan makes BBS headlines this week with news of a unique, but not surprising, musical partnership. Mtv NEWS reports that Weezer frontman, Rivers Cuomo, has recently spent some studio time with Adams on a track that will make the cut on yet another (gasp!) Weezer effort, dropping “very soon”. Can you imagine Ryan Adams and Rivers Cuomo hanging out in a studio space together? You could probably cut the caffeinated eccentricities with a butterknife. This is definitely a long overdue meeting of savant songwriting greats – please tell me someone documented this! While the news of a Weezer/Ryan collabo’ gets my musical undies in a twist, my mind immediately darts back to the ‘Weezer vs. Weezy’, Lil Wayne track on Weezer’s “Raditude” and the unfocused, less guitar-solo “Red Album”. Hopefully Adams’ has stirred up some classic Cuomo’ pop hooks and wailing 90’s era solos – I definitely am keeping the faith. Here’s what Cuomo had to say on the recording sesh:

“I just wrote a song with Ryan Adams. Not Bryan, Ryan,” Cuomo laughed. “It’s a very stirring and emotional and powerful Weezer song. He was really inspiring to work with. … He has a lot of wild and crazy energy. It’s gonna be on the Weezer record. He plays lead guitar on it, but it will be on the Weezer record, for sure.”

What are your thoughts on the collaboration? TELL US!

In other news… er…um… ‘facebook news’ – Ryan is dipping into the vault and prepping some remasters of Ryan Adams & The Cardinals albums and solo material that never saw a national release for his PAXAM label. The year 2005 found Ryan and The Cardinals in their finest stride with the release of 3 studio albums in under 6 months – the unearthed double album by the Cardinals “III/IV”  is included in this batch of remasters (the follow up effort from the 2005 RATC sessions), including the solo recorded “Blackhole” LP, dubbed by Ryan himself as a pseudo ”Love is Hell Pt 3′.  Via Ryan Adams Archive (HERE), Ryan ‘Wolfhunter’ Adams offers some more insight and signs  of hope on the news of the “III/IV” release:

“We will make sure you can get this digitally this time BUT the vinyl is going to be where it’s at and it’s going to be where the extras are. I am finalizing art with Neal and Jon and we are working with Andy who we did Cold Roses with- it’s going to be THE Cardinals experience in one record and I am putting everything I got into this. It’s been awesome to work on this and I think a lot of healing has happened because of it. There are some days where we even discuss a future. That is pretty damn exciting.”

via Ryan's facebook page

Most exciting news of the year? We think YES.

Stay tuned at Bang Bang Slang – the second that these exclusive PAXAM remasters become available, we will be sure to make it loud and clear on HERE and direct you to PAXAM’s digital store.

Sidenote: Here’s a very personal look at the final days of Ryan Adams and the Cardinals via my barebones blog site “The Sweet Illusions”. 7 shows. 10 days. MFC.  HERE

LISTEN: ORION – “Electro-Snake”