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Here we go:

If your band has a Chicago tour date or is thinking about playing a Chicago venue, please contact Bang Bang Slang so we can link up. Let’s talk interviews, promotional journalism, and the best place to get a beer, so that this beast of a city is ready for you when you make it here.

If you have photo submissions or would like to submit editorial content, please contact Bang Bang Slang.

If you have a complaint regarding content or would like for us to remove copyrighted materials or Mp3’s, please contact Bang Bang Slang.

If you want to give us free stuff, please contact Bang Bang Slang.

  • Contact Name: Brandon Hale
  • Email Address:

3 Responses to “Contact BBS”

  1. I just wanted to tell you about a strange coincidence.

    I found your site via google and noticed that the first button in your logo is exactly the same design as some buttons I made a few years ago. They were black text on white background, one word, Georgia font, lower-case, period at the end. Mine said, “gooder.”, but anyway, they’re the same.

    Funny still that the first story on your site right now is about The Drums, who I’ve known for years, way back when they were in a band called Elkland.



  2. I thought this was an email form. Oops.


  3. Hey Brandon–

    I’ve posted a gallery from 1992 performance of Dixie Dregs.

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