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BANG ON THIS! San Diego’s “Dirty Gold” Gear Up For Debut EP with “California Sunrise”

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Last Friday teased Chicagoans with the first sunny, early-signs-of-spring weather day that we’ve had in what seems like an ice age. And while listening to Aquarium Drunkard’s blog radio showcase with the sunroof cracked, another early spring treat sounded its way through the car speakers – an all-too fitting compliment to an already amazing travel day: Dirty Gold’s “California Sunrise”. We may be a little late on the ball here with these dudes, but better late than never and definitely deserving of our first ‘Bang on This!‘ of 2011.

Brothers John and Lincoln Ballif don’t even have their high school diplomas and yet they’ve graduated into the scene with mature, brilliantly catchy jams and a momentous reputation that’s throwing them in the same camp as their afro-pop, warm-riffed peers – Vampire Weekend and Beach House.  If it’s not snowing or butt-ass freezing wherever it is that you are – grab the rolling papers and your longboard, toss on your shades and go for a ride with this introductory gem from a band that is sure to blow up and show up in 2011. Dirty Gold’sRoar” EP finds its official release on April 12 2K11 (Autumn Tone), but the single is available via iTunes or for your listening enjoyment below. Brah.

LISTEN: Dirty Gold – “California Sunrise”


Dirty Gold News and Tour Info: HERE

THIS WEEK: Michael Showalter @ Schubas TONIGHT, Bright Eyes @ The Riviera TOMORROW… excited for some Arts & FARTS & crafts and maybe some fried terradactyl eggs tonight! Beers on US if you want in.


Will this Labor Day Weekend be a Vampire Weekend in Chicago?

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We’ve been following Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend on Twitter for quite some time. With Vampire Weekend playing  Labor Day Sunday in Chicago at the afflicted (but aesthetically cool) Aragon BallroomBBS was anxious when we read the following via @Arze ‘s (Ezra’s) twitter page:

Thanks for all the well wishes, tweeple! losing your voice is a horrible feeling, but canceling a show is even worse. sorry seattle 9:41 PM Aug 30th via web

Another instantaneous tweet followed:

Trying to buy some V from the Vampire Queen of Oregon to heal my inflamed vocal cords 9:41 PM Aug 30th via web

So here’s how it went down just 24 hours before those tweets hit the web:  Sunday in Seattle had Vampire Weekend, Beach House, and Dum Dum Girls slated to perform at Maymoor Park – an outdoor venue that holds thousands of concert goers – in Seattle, WA. Dum Dum Girls came out and slayed. Beach House came out and slayed. And then 90 anxiety-flooded minutes went by with no headliner offering to the masses. Eventually, some drudge puppet was forced out to lay the news on the eager atendees: Vampire Weekend has cancelled due to illness. And that was it.

Imagine how many J. Crew flipflops were thrown at the stage in revolt! Or the graveyard of Rayban Wayfarers that scattered the lawn after the disappointed crowds sulked back to their Audi station wagons!

In all seriousness – this news sucks. Bang Bang Slang loves Ezra and gang and sends positive vibes and hopeful wishes for a full recovery… or this Chicago holiday weekend show might not happen. Or if it does happen, it might call for an abbreviated set from the band. Unfortunately, strained vocal chords are part of the j-o-b.

If you ARE reading this, Ezra: rest up those vocal chords, even with a Salt Lake City and Red Rocks show ahead of you.

Chicago may not have any Vampire Blood to offer, but we do have some hot dogs, pizza, and beer waiting to soothe those inflamed chords of yours. My grandma would say that that ‘whiskey should take care of it’. Or you can just rub some ‘tussin on them chords.

See everyone Sunday! Who’s going? Let us know and we’ll  catch up and buy you a beer on us – FREE!

You can follow Ezra Koenig on Twitter at @Arze

Vampire Weekend’s Official Website: HERE

Vampire Weekend @ Aragon Ballroom SOLD OUT

BUT VW’s Chris Baio will be DJ-ing a setfor the Vampire Weekend “Preparty”  at Beauty Bar in the Ukraine Village on Saturday 09/04. Tickets Available HERE