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EARLY SPRING CONCERT SCHEDULE: April 2011 + BBS Heads to Coachella!

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Bang Bang Slang jumps ship from Chicago with Coachella coverage 04/15 - 04/17

It was April before we knew it and by BBS standards, March had resulted in a slow concert calendar that wasn’t entirely up to par with our snooty, nearly-Springtime expectations. Booking managers in Chicago – get your shit together!  There were some limitations of course, preventing coverage at concerts like Middle Brother/ Dawes/ Deer Tick (wish those Godspeed shows could have worked out too), but in the end it was all ok. Where March lacked in quantity of shows, it certainly made up for its lingering pace with brilliant performances from Bright Eyes and Destroyer/War on Drugs. And Michael Showalter‘s 2+ hour comedy set at Scubas was pretty enjoyable. The bar has been set high and so have the expectations for quality live music as April hits Chi-town and the concert calendar starts to get bloated with much-anticipated shows.

Aside from having no excuse – though we could think of a few – for missing Queen of the Stone Age, Kurt Vile, and Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears already, April’s concert calendar is still scorching and the months ahead are making us do that thing like a kindergartener does when they have to go pee really bad, but don’t know where the bathroom is. (SEE BELOW – dates in bold indicate that BBS will be in attendance)

AND WE’RE GOING TO COACHELLA!!!! (Details to follow next week as we finalize the attack plan and tsee how these daily schedules shape up. Come on already.)

APRIL 2011

  • 04/07: Cults @ Empty Bottle, Cave Singers @ Lincoln Hall, Two Door Cinema Club @ Park West (SOLD OUT)
  • 04/08: Cut Copy @ Riviera (SOLD OUT), Dom @ Subterranean
  • 04/09: Sharon Van Etten @ Lincoln Hall, Big K.R.I.T/Freddie Gibbs @ Bottom Lounge, Rober Plant @ Auditorium Theatre (SOLD OUT), Skeleton Witch @ Empty Bottle
  • 04/11: Phosphorescent @ Lincoln Hall
  • 04/12: Starfucker @ Lincoln Hall
  • 04/15: BBS LEAVES FOR COACHELLA!!! (Be back soon, Chicago…), Tobacco @ Lincoln Hall, Jeff Tweedy @ The Vic (SOLD OUT)
  • 04/16: Ha Ha Tonka @ Subterranean, Royal Bangs @ Empty Bottle, Jeff Tweedy @ The Vic (SOLD OUT)
  • 04/18: Black Angels @ Lincoln Hall
  • 04/19: Delorean @ Lincoln Hall, Foo Fighters “SECRET SHOW” TBA
  • 04/20: Fresh & Only’s/Crocodiles @ Lincoln Hall, Rose Hill Drive @ Beat Kitchen
  • 04/21: Low @ Lincoln Hall, Counting Crows @ House of Blues
  • 04/22: Arcade Fire/The National @ UIC, Black Lips @ Logan Square Auditorium, TV on the Radio @ Metro (SOLD OUT)
  • 04/23: Ezra Furman & The Harpoons @ Subterranean, Junip @ SPACE
  • 04/24: Arcade Fire/The National @ UIC (SOLD OUT), Pinback @ Bottom Lounge
  • 04/25: Arcade Fire/The National @ UIC (SOLD OUT)
  • 04/26: Foals/Freelance Whales @ Metro
  • 04/27: Pains of Being Pure at Heart @ Lincoln Hall
  • 04/28: Pains of Being Pure at Heart @ Lincoln Hall
  • 04/30: Coheed & Cambria @ House of Blues

Bang Bang Slang‘s Top 3 Concert Picks – APRIL:

1.) COACHELLA April 15-17

LISTEN: The Strokes – “Two Kinds of Happiness

2.) Arcade Fire/The National @ UIC Pavillion, April 22nd

LISTEN: Arcade Fire – “Modern Man

3.) Ezra Furman & The Harpoons @ Subterranean, April 23rd

LISTEN: Ezra Furman & The Harpoons – “I Wanna Be Ignored


(if only we could attend. maybe after the Arcade Fire show. fingers crossed)

4.) Black Lips @ Logan Square Auditorium, April 22nd

LISTEN: Black Lips – “Navajo


Camera still broken. Concert archives are about to get LIVE next week. Stay tuned…

Which shows are you looking forward to this April? Let us know and come meet us as always for a free beer – on BBS‘s tab!

*Remember – you can buy tickets to all upcoming Chicago shows on our concert calendar by clicking on the respective pictures on the sidebar of the site. Word.


Black Lips LIVE! 04/01/10 Logan Square Auditorium – Chicago, IL

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After telling a big lie to my girlfriend and driving half way across Chicago to drop my father off at a hotel downtown, I somehow made it to Logan Square just in time to crack a Pabst and position myself in front of the stage. Logan Square Auditorum is a timeless shithole of a venue. The place has got a lot of charm and it also always reaks of sour beer and staleness, but tonight that attribute fit perfectly well with the sentiment of the band that was walking onto the stage, one of my all time garage pop favs – Black Lips. Black Lips were meant to play this place.

It wasn’t until the end of my time living in North Carolina that I came to realize that Atlanta’s Black Lips had a massively loyal fanbase and following and it wasn’t suprising to come to learn. Their studio albums are all brilliant in their own way in that “fuck you, we don’t care what you want, we’re just making the music we want to make” sort of way. This mentality carries over into their hooched up, scuzzball stage behavior, which they’ve become notorious for. It’s not like watching Anton Newcombe kick some dude in the teeth for heckling his band, it’s more like same-sex makeouts, catching loogies during a guitar solo, foaming beer spits, and nakedness – sometimes. I don’t think they’ve peed on anyone (or each other) in a while, but that’s the debaucherous “flower-punk” art form that the ‘Lips have helped foster and make acceptable at their live shows. Pairing their uninhibited stage personalities with their simmering doo-wop punk sound makes for a highly enjoyable, free-spirited rock experience, proving that a lot of bands who attempt to recreate the ‘Lips sound just look like pussies.

Black Lips at Logan Square Auditorium killed. The acoustics of the old ballroom bounced and jarred the sharp guitar and drums from wall to wall as a tight-knit crowd of hipsters danced and stomped in spilled beer and sweat. Highlights of the set included some of my personal favorites “Dirty Hands” and “O Katrina!” (Yeah… I’m a big fan of “Good, Bad, Not Evil”, so what!) and the classic “Hippie, Hippie Hoorah” was a crowd pleaser. Black Lips’ latest album “200 Million Thousand” saw the tracks “Drugs” and “Starting Over” hit the crowd with a sloshed embrace, with dudes and chicks pumping their fists and middle fingers up at the ceiling in a drunken sing-along.

Here’s the only thing that bothered me about the show – and don’t get me wrong, I’m a Girl Talk and Greg Gillis fan. The up and coming scenesters who are sneaking hard booze and joints into shows these days have blindingly accepted this precadence that the Girl Talk generation has set, one where they find the need to make the show about themselves and not about the talent of the band. Rushing the stage and overcrowding it with a 6th period Algebra class of teens who are getting off on their cursory closeness to musicians and how cool their bodies feel with illegal substances in them for the first time. Enough is enough already. I can’t believe I’m writing this, but thank god for security for once. Now, while I enjoy the rest of my Ensure and prune juice smoothie blend, take a look at the rest of the pics from Black Lips’ stop in Chicago last April.

Black Lips – “Good Bad Not Evil” (2007)

LITSEN: The Black Lips – “Bad Kids”

To get a taste for Black Lips in all their artistic glory madness, check out Vice Tv’s Black Lips coverage as they shockrock their way through India (below). Vice Tv’s website is seriously amazing – there’s a lot more Black Lips coverage there too (one of my other favorite spotlights of theirs is on their visit to Israel & Palestine HERE)

To smooch with the Black Lips some more and buy albums check out their WEBSITE