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BANG ON THIS! Surfer Blood “I’m Not Ready” (Halfway House Sessions) + Lincoln Hall Shows TOMORROW!

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First off – Congratulations to Tim who won last week’s Alejandro Escovedo ticket giveaway!

Bang Bang Slang‘s “Bang on THIS!” song-of-the-day comes from West Palm Beach 2010 indie breakout group Surfer Blood – a familiar band featured on BBS – and their Halfway House performance of a newer, non-Astro Coast song, “I’m Not Ready”. With tomorrow’s double-header performances at Lincoln Hall this will be the 4th time that Surfer Blood has cruised into Chicago this year. Might be more. The last time that BBS caught up with the Surfer Blood dudes was at Pitchfork Fest, where they jammed through a breezy afternoon set to a sweaty group of hundreds, crammed in the corner of the festival grounds. While it still might be a bit crammed at their 7:00 PM NEARLY SOLD OUT LH show tomorrow, tickets to the 10:00 show are still available… and The Drums are opening, so give me a break. Buy a ticket already.

LISTEN: Surfer Blood – “Anchorage

LISTEN: The Drums – ” Let’s Go Surfing “

If “I’m Not Ready” is a sign of what’s to come with the follow up to 2010’s Astro Coast, then Surfer Blood should have no problem riding out the wave of success they’ve been hanging on over the past year or so. “Ready” captures a similar tone and song structure utilized on Astro Coast – it could’ve very well been slipped onto the tracklist unnoticed, a nice accent and contribution to the already near flawless debut. But as with the rest of the Halfway House recordings for the Surfer Blood session, “Ready” carries an air of maturity for the band as a whole that didn’t exist last Fall when they started to blow up. They’re playing their instruments¬† better than ever before and have made some harmonious changes in their arrangements that have given their songs a bigger, more commanding sound. JP bellows a spot-on Tim Kasher style “Ah-oh-Ah-oh” to end the song – his vocal ability is finally at that level of balance between perfectly imperfect and extremely genuine to favor the sound of his band. We’re loving it.

If BBS had to guess, we’d say that Surfer Blood‘s follow up album follows in the same suit as The Strokes‘ “Room on Fire“. No need to shake up the formula, but a second offering of Astro Coast might just work the best here.


7:00 show – ALMOST SOLD OUT!



As usual, FREE BEER to anyone that wants one and send us an email or comment on the post! See you at Lincoln Hall

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SURFER BLOOD LIVE! 03/10/10 Schubas – Chicago, IL

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Bang Bang Slang has downed all the free Heineken they could guzzle, nursed their sunburns with aloe, thrown their smokey, mud-covered duds in the washer, and has taken 48 hours to soak up the preceding musical mayhem that was Pitchfork Music Festival 2010. Before we publish our “best of” list, pics, and set reviews – we thought it would be fitting to share an ‘Archive’ post from Surfer Blood’s February stop at Chicago’s own Schubas, especially after their summery Sunday set that had thousands at Pitchfork pumping their fists in a sweaty sing-along. We need another 24-48 hours (and more advil/sleep) to bring our equilibriums back to full center, upload pictures, and find our writing voices again.

Surfer Blood have swam across the scene (and the world) like a drunken Michael Phelps in 2010, making a lasting name for themselves as indie and garage rock dignitaries with their super catchy glo-fi anthemic jams and impressive debut LP “Astro Coast” (Kanine Records). Due largely in part to their West Palm Beach roots, the boys in Surfer Blood have earned new age comparissons to the Beach Boys, which doesn’t really make sense at all, but their sound is clearly genre defying – like a scuzzball cauldron of Weezer, Pavement, Dinosaur Jr, Built to Spill, and My Morning Jacket soup.¬† The dancey, feel-good beach inspired vibes really only shine through on the punchy riffs and percussions of “Take it Easy”, the 90’s-alternative arena rock ballad “Swim” has hooks and a chorus that would have any rock band drooling, and songs like “Anchorage”, “Slow Jabroni”/”Fast Jabroni”, and “Harmonix” are not only crowd pleasers when shredded live, but also starkly produced studio gems that push ‘Astro Coast’ as a whole towards the “indie classic” status. BBS has definitely held a spot in the top 10 for “Astro Coast” as a challenger for best album of 2010.

Back to Surfer Blood’s March 10th SOLD OUT performance at Chicago’s very own Schubas. With a tremendously intense opening set from Turbo Fruits, the energy and hype was at full swell before the 5 dudes from Surfer Blood took the stage. I had rolled solo to Schubas, camera in one hand, Pabst in the other and thankfully Turbo Fruits had slapped some adrenaline into my otherwise beaten and used up business-man brain, which was pretty washed out for a Wednesday. One Pabst turned into five and as I sprawled out on the sidebenches, slinking between the dancing spectatators to snap photos and document snippets of awesomeness from the performance, Surfer Blood ripped through more or less the entirety of “Astro Coast” with a sprawling, epic, unreleased encore. Next thing I know I’m raising a shot glass brimming with Jack Daniels to guitarist and vocalist J.P. Pitts and the next morning I wake up with a stiff neck and a half eaten turkey sandwich next to my bed. It was a good night. (Sorry… no setlist)

Surfer Blood – Astro Coast (2010)

LISTEN: Surfer Blood – “Take it Easy”

LISTEN: Surfer Blood – “Swim”

Surfer Blood will be all over Europe for the next month or so, but if you’re lucky you can catch them at Bumbershoot Festival on 09/06 in Seattle, WA.

Bang Bang Slang had a chance to catch Surfer Blood’s Sunday performance at Pitchfork Festival from the sidestage, but not too many pics unfortunately. In the meantime, while we still gather our brain cells and finish organizing our media from the festival, here’s a video of Surfer Blood performing “Take it Easy” live from Pitchfork. Can you smell the cigs and sweat and dirty feet and summery awesomeness?

Anyone else catch the Surfer Blood set?

BBS will be right back… Big Boi, Major Lazer, Pavement, Reviews, Festival Stories, etc.


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